05 April 2016

Monthly Music: Favorite Kpop Releases for 2016 March

Hi everyone! It's that time again - Monthly Music time.

In the month of March I didn't really delve too much into the new Kpop music releases, as I was busy moving. In between moving, I made sure to give all new releases a listen to at least once. It was the tracks that caught my interests immediately and got me listening to it another time that made it onto March's playlist. That being said, many of the tracks are from artists that I already adore as I'm more inclined to give their new releases a listen to before an artist I haven't necessarily heard of. Amongst the plethora of new Kpop releases, only three of the tracks from March are from artists that are either new on the scene or have been around but I've only just learned about.

1. KNK "Angel Heart"
2. AMBER "Borders"
3. Dean "D (Half Moon) (feat. Geako)"
4. Lee Hi "HOLD MY HAND 손잡아 줘요"
5. Seo In Guk "Seasons of the Heart"
6. DAY6 "Sing Me"
7. SAM KIM "Your Song (feat. Kwon Jin Ah, Lee Jin Ah, Jung Seung Hwan)"
8. Navi "달라졌어 Changed"
9. YOONA "덕수궁 돌담길의 봄 Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway (feat. 10cm)"
10. Eric Nam & WENDY "봄인가 봐 Spring Love"
11. Ji-min "야 하고 싶어 Call You Bae (feat. XIUMIN)"
12. JJCC "오늘 한번 ToDay"

I have to admit that out of all the new Kpop releases I've listened to in March, it was a track from an artist that I didn't know about that I enjoyed most. That track is "Your Song" by Sam Kim featuring Kwon Jin Ah, Lee Jin Ah, and Jung Seung Hwan. Now if you're a fan of reality Kpop music competition shows you may already know of Sam Kim. Before Kim's March debut with his album, "My Name Is Sam," he was runner-up on K-pop Star 3 - a popular singing competition show in South Korea - that aired from November 2013 till April 2014. Other than X-Factor UK, I hardly watch signing competition shows so I had never heard of Sam Kim before his official debut last month. Despite not giving much attention to singing competition shows, I do try to give artists from the shows a shot before deciding whether I like or dislike their music. In the case of Sam Kim, I am definitely glad that I gave his music a shot upon seeing an article on his debut from Korean news website, Soompi. 

"Your Song" is a mellow, acoustic track with lyrics that talk about the comfort, protection, and security that comes from love. It's a song that can comfort you when you're feeling less than stellar or brighten up your day when it is literally gloomy outside. Even if you're feeling amazing, "Your Song" is song you can put on while you're relaxing. I personally have found myself listening to "Your Song" as I get ready for bed. The smooth vocals Sam Kim, Kwon Jin Ah, Lee Jin Ah, and Jung Seung Hwan accompany the soft tones of the guitar to create a soothing track that helps me to unwind and relax before bed. 

Now I know that similar to last month's "Monthly Music" post, I only focused on a single artist. In February I was raving about Grace's debut "I'm Fine," and now in this post I'm all about Sam Kim's "Your Song." Unlike the original "Monthly Music" posts, I've decided to switch from highlighting multiple tracks from the playlists to focusing in on one or two tracks from that month. That doesn't mean that all the other tracks on the playlist aren't worth listening to, rather the focus track(s) will be ones I would recommend as my absolute favorite release. I understand that this new format may create a longer post, but I hope that it helps you to really understand why I chose to include the focus track(s) and the artist(s) who released it.

As always, feel free to drop a comment below with your favorite track or tracks from March. Hope you all have a wonderful April. And hey, April Fool's already past so hopefully all the bad things (cough) that happen this month have passed. See you in the next post.

Endnote: Songs on this month's playlist can be purchased through iTunes. Simply click on the title of the song you want to download on the tracklist listed above to be redirected to its iTunes page.

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