The Girl

Danielle J. Lee: A 5-foot tall dreamer, avid music listener, self-proclaimed amateur nail artist, and fashion observer who's simply trying to survive life. I'm not the best but I'm me and that's what makes me unique.

Hello, I'm Danielle. My closest friends call me Dani or Dani Sweetiee. Currently I reside in Southern California, but I have spent a good balance of my life between here and Hawaii. I enjoy spending my free time watching Asian dramas, listening to music, reading a good book, painting my nails, and eating delicious food. I dream of many things such as traveling the world, attending Fashion Week, and working for a magazine someday.

This blog was begun with the intent to share my thoughts and personal style, all while finding my "voice." I hope to inspire you in some way through my random musings.

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