15 September 2017

Current Obsessions - 2017 Summer

Another summer gone, and once again I’ve been MIA. I’d like to say that work has kept me away from posting, but if I’m being honest I’ve just been quite uninspired. This past week I was catching up on videos from some of my favorite YouTubers and I realized that it was already that time of the month that many of them release their “monthly favorites” videos. While watching some of these “monthly favorites" videos I thought why not give it a go. Then I realized I didn’t really try out that many new things in August that I can say I loved, but I did a decent amount over the course of the summer. So let’s go with that. My current obsessions from summer 2017. Let’s go!

16 July 2017

Searching for the Best Dry Shampoo

It’s my favorite time of year and I’m not talking about all the amazing holidays. I’m talking about SUMMER! I can never narrow down the exact thing that makes summer my favorite. Maybe it’s being able to comfortably wear shorts and tank tops without a jacket, or the sun on my skin. It could be the sweet taste of a juicy watermelon on a scorching day. Or maybe it’s as simple as the fact that I was born a summer baby.

Despite all the amazing things that summer brings, if there was one thing that I could do without is how it only makes my oil-prone hair more… oily. Disgusting, I know, but it’s the ugly truth. Through my teens and college years I used to wash my hair every day to combat the oils from building up too much. Since then I’ve learned to embrace my hair’s natural oils and only wash my hair three times a week – Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday. Once those summer months hit, everything goes up in the air. As much as I love the warm weather, sometimes the oil builds up so quickly that it becomes unbearable. To combat the oils while still adhering to my strict hair routine, I either throw on a hat, put my hair in a messy bun, or douse my hair in dry shampoo.