16 May 2016

Currently Loving: 2016 Traveling

Hi friends! It's been a hot minute since I last did a favorites posts that wasn't a "Monthly Music" one. I think the last and first one I did was almost a year ago. You can check out that long forgotten post here. I'm not that good at doing those "Monthly Favorites" type of posts because I don't really try out a lot of new products/things. However, earlier this month I took a trip back home to the 808 and found some products worth mentioning. Without further ado, let's meet the products I couldn't live without for the 6 days I was in Hawaii.

Top (L to R): Laneige, LAY/N/GO, Yes To
Bottom (L to R): OPI, NARS, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Kat Von D, Portable Charger

11 May 2016

Monthly Music: Favorite Kpop Releases for 2016 April

Hi everyone! April's gone and May's here, which means.... Monthly Music time! At the end of April I took a trip back home, which meant I had to make a playlist that I could listen to on repeat without getting sick of the tracks. It also meant I had more time to really consider if the tracks I chose were really the ones I would want to recommend as my favorite 2016 April releases. I'm glad to say that all of the songs I picked for the trip were in fact my favorites of April. So let's not waste any time and just jump right into the tracks I had on loop last month - and even now.