Staff Writer - The Concordia Courier:

The Concordia Courier is the biweekly student newspaper at Concordia University Irvine, CUI, whose mission is to "Invesigate. Inform. Ignite. Involve." During the spring of 2012, Danielle was a staff writer. Below are links to read her published work in The Concordia Courier.

PACs begin WOW prep - article page 3
Freshman prep for Haiti - article page 6
White's career comes full circle - article page 4
Vu lands internship aimed at spreading Malaria awareness - article page 6
Kent Epperson: Maintanence Superman - article page 3

Personal Posts via tumblr:

Before beginning this blog, Danielle used to use her tumblr as a platform to write about her opinions and thoughts. Below are links to read her past writings from tumblr.

Never Give Up... Personal Thoughts
Kim Soo Hwan - Inspiration
The Hunger Games
Christianity, Homosexuality, Love

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