25 March 2016

Nail Art: 2016 Easter Theme

Hi everyone! Depending when you're reading this Easter is two days away or already here. Either way... Happy Easter! I hope you're Easter day is spent well with loved ones. I'll be spending it at work in the morning and then moving the rest of the day, but hey, can't complain because it could always be worse. Besides, Cali is supposed to be a nice and breezy 70-something degrees on Easter Sunday and that's a plus in my book. Anyways, since Easter is quickly springing up on us, I decided to show a quick Easter Theme nail art that I did this past week.

2016 Easter Theme Nail Art
This isn't my first time doing an Easter themed nail design. I did an Easter theme last year, but it was more of a middle ground between an Easter and spring theme.

2015 Easter/Spring Theme Nail Art
I took some inspiration from last year's design and applied it to this year's. Since I wanted to try and make the design more Easter-y this year, I opted to combine the zigzag and polka dot designs to allow for two bunnies and two chicks. The zigzag/polka dot design was a mock of what Easter eggs looked like when I painted them as a child. Funnily enough, the egg inspired nails ended up being just as busy and sloppy as the eggs I did when I was little. 

For the bunny and chick, this was my first attempt at creating them so it was a trial by error. The right hand bunny's ears were too thin for my liking so I made then thicker on the left hand. Additionally, I ended up not liking the whiskers on the right hand bunny so I didn't include them on the left. As for the chicks, I was glad I included the little tufts of hair on the top of their heads. I feel they would have looked incomplete without them. However, it is totally up to you on how you wish to do the bunnies and chicks. These are just my opinions based on my tastes.

In regards to the colors, I tried to use a lot of colors that I reminded me of Easter - orange, red/pink, white, mint green, blue, and purple. Sadly, I don't think the blue and mint green were a good pair as the shades ended up being very similar. This didn't allow for the blue to really pop against the mint green. 

Overall, it's completely up to you on how you wish to customize the look - color and design. This is just my take on an Easter themed design that I hope you can use as some inspiration. 

I would love to see what your Easter and/or spring themed nail art look like so share a picture of it down below in the comments. Who knows, maybe you're nail art will be the inspiration for me or someone else for next Easter.

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