26 August 2015

Monthly Favorites: 2015 August

Hi everyone! I've decided to do Monthly Favorites installments that will cover a wide array of areas such as: beauty, skincare, fashion, apps, media. My Monthly Favorites will be separate from my Monthly Music, thus I will probably not be mentioning music within theses posts. I will however, leave a link at the end of the post should you wish to check out what music I've been loving. To kick start the Monthly Favorites installments, here are my 2015 August favorites.

Top (L to R): Jo Malone, YSL, CLINIQUE
Bottom (L to R): Innisfree, Maybelline, Nature Republic

What's in My Everyday Bag: STYLENADA

Hi all! I'm back with a fashion/style related posted. Around June/July I ordered a new bag from STYLENADA and it has been my everyday bag this past month. Since I've been using it for a while now I thought that I would share with you what I usually carry with me when I go out and kind of just review the bag overall.

Bag: STYLENADA (no longer available)

01 August 2015

Monthly Music: Favorite Kpop Releases 2015 July

Hi again! Sorry it's been so long since I last posted something - over a year hiatus; eek. After I finished school in 2014 I couldn't think of anything to post about until recently. I've decided that I'm going start doing monthly music posts. At the end of each month I'll share with you newly released tracks of the month that I've been loving. These tracks will probably be Kpop focused, but I may occasionally drop in some non-Kpop tunes.

For the first installment of Monthly Music, I've picked 8 tracks altogether from both solo artists and bands, males and females. The tracks are a mix of dance and rap/hip hop, but overall they're songs I've found myself gravitating toward as they're upbeat and fun in their own ways. Even the slower tracks, such as "Alright" and "Rainy Day", that aren't necessarily "get out of your seat and dance" type of songs are still songs that I find myself swaying along to.

I hope you find the tracks on the first Monthly Music playlist to be fitting for the summer season. If you have any songs that you enjoy listening to during the summer, feel free to share them with me below.

Endnote: Songs on this month's playlist can be purchased through iTunes. Simply click on the title of the song you want to download on the tracklist listed above to be redirected to its iTunes page.