26 June 2016

Monthly Music: Favorite Kpop Releases for 2016 May

Hi everyone! June's more than half-way over and I'm only now getting around to posting a playlist for May. Apologies for the delay on May's playlist and, just to be safe, an advance apology for June's playlist. I'm predicting that June's playlist will be up late next month. This will be largely due to the fact that I have yet to listen to any of the latest June releases. That being said, I'm going to try to keep this month's post short and sweet.

1. Jessica "Fly (feat. Fabolous)"
2. YELLA D "Goalkeeper (feat. Hanhae)"
3. TIFFANY "I Just Wanna Dance"
4. Beenzino "Life in Color"
5. LAY "모노드라마 Monodrama"
6. KNK "요즘 넌 어때 I Remember"
7. Afos "요즘어때 How're You Doing"
8. Kei.G "지금 여기 Right Here"

In May, the Kpop scene was re-introduced to Jessica as a solo artist since her split from Girls' Generation (SNSD) and S.M. Entertainment back in the summer of 2015. After her departure from S.M., Jessica had been M.I.A from the music scene and was focusing on her fashion label, Blanc & Eclare. When Jessica announced through her new agency, Coridel Entertainment, that she would be re-joining the music scene I instantly wondered if she would be releasing tracks in English. Given that she speaks fluent English, having been born and raised in California, I was desperately wishing for an English track so that I wouldn't have to search for translations. 

As luck would have it, Jessica ended up releasing two versions of her debut solo album, "With Love, J" - one version all Korean and the other all English. In addition to releasing two versions of the album, Jessica wrote and composed four out of the six tracks. In fact, Jessica composed and wrote the lyrics to her two title tracks off the album, "Fly (feat. Fabolous)" and "Love Me The Same." Though both tracks are good in their own rights - one pop and one ballad - "Fly" was hands down my favorite track on the album.

Sticking to the Kpop theme, I'm featuring the Korean version of Jessica's title track, "Fly." The track and accompanying music video was just what I would expect from Jessica: pop-infused and inspiring. In a wanderlust-esque music video, the scenes switch between bubbly choreography in the desert and Jessica dreaming of a winter wonderland before she takes action and leaves her warm abode. It's a music video that goes seemingly perfectly with the song's message to chase your dreams. 

"Fly" was a track that I feel can reassure fans that Jessica is still the same girl we have grown to love since her 2007 debut with Girls' Generation. After what I would declare as a great re-emergence onto the Kpop scene, I can't want to see what the future of music holds for Jessica. Whether she comes out with more pop tracks similar to "Fly" or ballads like " Love Me The Same," I'm sure Jessica will excel as she continues her adventure as a solo artist. Here's to hoping her next album has some edgier tracks.

Endnote: Songs on this month's playlist can be purchased through iTunes. Simply click on the title of the song you want to download on the tracklist listed above to be redirected to its iTunes page.

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